Sustainable Development:

Casa Lottie Enterprises supports young adults by setting them up with small sustainable businesses. Casa Lottie has thus far provided training and helped individuals open a small bakery, a hair salon, a provisions store, a social bar, road side eatery and a classical music training facility for young adults in Accra.

Casa Lottie Hair Dressing Salon

In 2004 Charlotte met Mariam Naa Odey Quaye who was struggling to make a living as a hairdresser under a tent. Charlotte decided to help her by building a wooden salon, as the gallery indicates

Casa Lottie Mini Market

In 2008, Charlotte helped Cynthia set up a fish smoking business in Tema. She has now progressed onto the Mini Mart as indicated in the pictures.

Casa Lottie Classicals

In 2007, Charlotte and her family met Christiana singing a solo at a wedding in Accra, trying to carve a career as a singer. Charlotte offered to support her by buying her a portable piano, and together with her husband Alberto, paid for Christiana’s music lessons to enable her to develop her talents.

Casa Lottie Bar

In 2007, Charlotte helped set up a mobile sales business for Odenke Abbey. 18 months later he had progressed to a wine and drinks bar.

Casa Lottie Bakery

In 2004, Charlotte agreed to help Nii Odei Appiah, who together with his wife and 6 children lived in one small room, scraping a living. Charlotte improved their living condition, providing electricity, a radio cassette and an old TV.

Later, Charlotte bought an industrial oven plus all accessories for a home bakery business, to enable Nii Odei to generate income. Bread supply is a very lucrative business in Ghana. Due to a series of personal tragedies, he did not work the business, and the capital investment was wasted.

Casa Lottie Taste and See

In 2009, Charlotte helped set up a road side eatery for Dinah Lartey.

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