Tetnight Education and Wellbeing International, in association with TEF – GAYAK Ghana, aims to:


  • Increase enrollment of primary school children.
  • Provide access to sustainable primary and secondary education to children in our target group, including the provision of materials, stationery, equipment, computers and funds.
  • Change lives and make a difference through Education, Training and Technology.
  • Promote diversity and gender equality.
  • Focus on sustainable uninterrupted education.

Touching children lives



  • Provide youth training and apprenticeship with a consortium of qualified, professionals and artisans, to provide specialist services, mentoring, guidance and employment.
  • Provide transferable skills, including non-formal education, carpentry, mechanics, wood work, building and IT.
  • Develop their skills for increased opportunities to participate in the Ghanaian, and global market economy.
  • Offer real improved chances in life to break the cycle of poverty.
  • Increase opportunities for improved life chances and real job opportunities.

Young Adults

  • Support young adults’ enterprises, to promote self-reliance and gender equality, and to offer a broad base genuine help where it is needed; including health and well-being projects.
  • Special focus on women economic empowerment through sustainable self-help micro economic income generating activities.
  • Provide vocational training, and other transferable skills, dressmaking, hairdressing, bread-baking, market trading and shop management.
  • Improve health and wellbeing, self-reliance and most significantly to break the cycle of poverty.
  • Encourage community based partnerships to acquire the requisite knowledge/power to participate in decision making, management and implementation of the projects.
  • Provide training and apprenticeship in Agriculture and Agro Business, leading to Certification, and Farm Management.
  • Supporting and sponsoring the next generation of Agric Farmers, to improve employment and long term Food Security.
  • Overall our aim and vision is Increased Capacity Building, to engender long term sustainable economic freedom, while addressing the Millennium Development Goals (MDG)

Charlotte Nightingale – CEO/Chair.

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